Why Ligandrol Is the Most Prescribed SARM by Physicians

While there are no records that show how many brands of SARMs are there in the market, it may be logical to go for well-known selective androgen receptor stimulators or SARMs. With these brands, you may be assured that they are safe because more people may have used them before. Almost all the SARMs out there claim that they are the best, the most potent, or the fastest to give you the results that you are looking, but when choosing the right SARM, labels may not be the best judge. You have to trust someone in the know or those who tried these products before you.

When you ask your physician on what is the ideal SARM to take, probably he will tell you about Ligandrol or LGD 4033. This SARM is said to be one of the safest SARMs. It has side effects too, and you can confirm it with your physician.

Don’t Affect Tissues Other Than Muscles and Bones

female bodybuilderWhat makes Ligandrol safe is that it does not bind with other tissues other than your muscle and bone tissues. This will prevent any damage to other organs of your body. It is noted that some SARMs can cause liver and kidney failure. The prostate gland is also one of the most affected by SARM intake. The only effect of ligandrol is to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Prescribed Dosage Ensures Safety

Ligandrol is safe when you follow prescribed dosages. There will be no side effects when the dosage is not beyond what is recommended. The deepening of the voice and abnormal hair growth will not be experienced by female users, while there will be no enlargement of the breast in men and other changes in male users.

Aromatization Is Eliminated

When there are higher levels of androgen in the ovaries, follicular growth is enhanced.  This phenomenon is called aromatization, which can lead to medical conditions such as ovarian cyst and cancer. It may also lead to low sperm count or impotence. Ligandrol’s property to bind with only bone and muscle tissue eliminates aromatization

musclesEfficient In the Treatment of Some Diseases

The ability of ligandrol to cure some medical conditions makes it an admirable SARM that is only good for bulking or cutting when stacked with other SARMs. It is a potent substance for muscle wasting, which is evident in patients with cachexia and prolonged immobility. It is also widely used for osteoporosis.