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Five Mistakes That Slow Down Weight Loss

Are you strictly following a diet plan? Do you do exercises daily or weekly? And you are not shedding off those unwanted pounds? Maybe its one of those obesity hormones or your thyroid? No. You cannot blame your hormones or a slow metabolism. Many people who get frustrated with their progress when it comes to losing weight make the following mistakes.

Not getting enough sleep

Studies reveal that if you don’t have a sleep schedule, then the chances are that you will have a larger waistline, as well as BMI, compared to those who stick to their sleeping schedule. Most people are not aware that they burn lots of fats when they are asleep unlike when awake. If you wish to lose weight, then you should stick to your sleeping schedule and make sure that you get sufficient sleep. Holding to your program over time will make you fall asleep quickly and sleep more restfully.

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Eating large portions of food

Research shows that people eat over ninety percent of food in their plates and some don’t even take a break to breathe. So if you have more than one type of food on your plate, then you could be overeating unknowingly. If you wish to avoid making this mistake, then use a smaller plate. If you have to eat different types of food at a go, then make sure that you serve small quantities.

Skipping breakfast

People skip breakfast for different reasons. However, many studies reveal that if you jump taking breakfast, then you increase your chances of gaining weight. Yes, you heard me right! If you don’t make a healthy breakfast in the morning, then you won’t have the energy that to train hard and burn those excess calories. Furthermore, you won’t have to search for snacks as the day progresses because you are feeling hungry. Make sure you take your breakfast to keep your stomach full and hunger pangs at bay.

Eating too quickly

When you are eating your food too quickly, your body will lack time to send signals to your mind that you are satisfied and full. Research shows that slow eaters devour fewer calories and feel fuller for extended periods. Always remember that you are not in a competition when eating and take your time to chew your food correctly to enhance digestion.

Not feeding muscles

When you drop weight, you get rid of fat, muscle and some bone. You should design your diet in such a way that it maximizes fat loss while minimizing muscle and bone woman with skinny bodyloss. A bit of bone loss is typical if you lose lots of weight. You have to feed your flesh with at least thirty grams of protein in all your meals to maintain your muscle while shedding off those unwanted pounds otherwise you won’t lose weight.

If you don’t make any of the mistakes as mentioned above and you are still not dropping weight, you can try losing weight using keto-friendly products. They have been proven to be very useful when it comes to losing weight quickly.